Kiwi Kids Pack is Back

Those precocious Kiwi Kids are back, and they’re being proudly shipped by Stellar Distributing in Madera, CA.

                Identified first in 1988 by Stellar co-worker Ed Coleman, now retired, the packet of five or six fresh and tasty kiwi fruits is making a comeback.   Packed loosely in a convenient and colorful see-through carrying pouch, the fuzzy, individual fruits are easily removed without stressful ripping, cutting or tearing of the pouch.

                The Kiwi Kids pouches are offered in three sizes, the 10/1 kilo bag which holds 13 kiwis, the 20/1# bag with six kiwis and the 27/11 oz bag which will fit 3 to 5 kiwi.

                On display, the pouches, with their built-in carrying handles,, are effortlessly accessed by consumers and easily handled all the way home. Although kiwi fruits are amazingly resilient and long-lasting, tough plastic pouches are useful for separating them from other fruits or vegetables stored in the refrigerator and for removing them for slicing or other preparation for enjoyment.

                Kiwi fruits in the pouch are handy sized(volume filled size 36), convenient for individual use, while larger fruits(the Kids’ parents perhaps)are also being packed and shipped daily by Stellar. The entire family is comprised of vine ripened California kiwi, picked, packed and shipped the same or next day. Packing takes place in one of Stellar’s roomy cold storage areas. As many as 25 warmly-dressed packers scrutinize each kiwi as it is placed in a pouch.

                Harvest will be taking place daily on two kiwi vineyards that comprise 54 conventional and 9 organic acres of kiwi plantings in the Madera area, all within a 20-minute truck ride to Stellar’s refrigerated facility.

                The season for the firm, ripe kiwi from California will start at the end of September, filling the gap resulting from the inevitable termination of the springtime New Zealand and Chilean season. Stellar expects to ship Kiwi Kids and other packs of California kiwis through April.

                Sales of the Kiwi Kids packages and other traditional kiwi containers are being enthusiastically handled by all Stellar salesman , reached at 559-664-8400.   They says the Kids are well behaved, and require very little care to be fully enjoyed. No baby-sitting required.