Mexican Figs

For the first time in Stellar Distributing's existence, they have started to import Mexican figs.  ML Catania, parent company of Stellar Distributing in Canada, has established fig fields in Morelos and for the last two years have been importing straight into Canada.  Now, both companies have been able to establish a fumigation process that is allowed by the USDA and susequently allows figs into the United States.  April of this year was the first figs from Mexico to land on American soil and they were a hit.  As it stands, having enough supplies for the United States and Canada will be the biggest problem to solve because of the large interest shown from many American and Canadian produce companies alike.  Expansion is going to be paramount to ensuring the Mexican fig program grows and thrives and that is exactly what ML Catania has done.  Not only are they planting more trees this year, they are planting different varieties and will have black mission figs in addition to the newly planted tiger fig and the sierra fig.  By the end of this year, they hope to have double the amount of figs planted and also double the yield of last year from the young trees as they have matured another year.  It is an exciting time for the companies and an exciting time for fig lovers too.