Lime Growth

Stellar Distributing along with ML Catania, its parent company in Toronto, have really amped up production and distribution on limes this year and they have no intentions of slowing down.  They have acquired a shed in Atotonilco, Jalisco in Mexico which is a change from their previous location in Mexico and it has really opened up their operation.   Catania Mexico is an operation that has been going for 16 years and is the supplier of Stellar Distributing and ML Catania.  Paul Catania is the owner of all three companies and has orchestrated the exchange and operation between Catania Mexico and Stellar and ML Catania.  He has put a major emphasis on growing the lime program for this intertwined group and so far this year it has paid off.  Between the companies, there has been a 40% increase in lime sales and he believes it can grow exponentially more.  Limes are on the brain for this trio so make sure if you have any lime needs, you come to us.  We are here to help and we would be honored if you were a part of our growth.