California Figs are Back

It's heating up in California again and with the heat surely comes the California fresh figs.  Coming off a light Mexican fig season, I'm sure our customers will be glad to hear our California crop is coming on strong.  With an abundance of fig fields in the San Joaquin Valley, we are able to harvest a selection of different varieties along with an inventory that allows us to supply our customers for five months out of the year.  The inaugural Mexican fig season showed much promise and looking ahead to next year and the ever-growing production, we can expect something very close to a year-a-round fig which is very exciting.  Our Black Mission fig will be the first variety to be harvested, packed and distributed to our customers on the East and West coasts starting the first week of June this year.  The Black Mission fig is one of our most popular fresh figs as it boasts a deep purplish-black skin, iconic teardrop shape and sweet, crunchy texture.  Shortly after we begin with the Black Mission figs we will start harvesting Brown Turkey figs that have a brownish-purple skin.  This variety is slightly less sweet than the Black Mission, but its increased silkiness in texture makes it a growing ingredient in spectacular culinary dishes across the country.  Later in the season we will have our Sierra variety available as well.  These figs have a light green sking color and do not lack any sugar or nutritional value that the Black Mission brings to the table.  Along with these varieties, we will also be offering our prized Tiger fig later on into the harvest season.  It's alternating yellow and green stripes are what brought about the exotic name from the jungle cat, but as a tiger uses its stripes for camouflage, these stripes will contrastingly give the fig away.  The Tiger fig has a ruby red flesh that is as sweet, if not sweeter than any fig and will appeal to the stomach as much as it appeals to the eye.  Call or email our office for any more information on availability of our nutritiously delicious California fresh figs!!!!